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Avid Everywhere Delivers a New Look to a Legend

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to work on Houdini, a two-part History Channel miniseries produced by Lionsgate/A&E Studios. The series was shot in Budapest, but I remained in the United States. To meet the demands of a tight editing schedule, I brought in co-editor David Beatty and assistant editors Jared Zalman and Paul Alderman.

I put in place a workflow at EPS-Cineworks based on Avid editing and shared storage solutions to help us collaborate more effectively among ourselves and with director Uli Edel, who was on location. Media Composer’s data management capabilities were extremely important for a project spanning thousands of miles.

The director, producers and network wanted to give the show a modern feel to attract younger viewers. We used jump cutting, freeze frames, and contemporary sound and music to achieve this. Media Composer allows you to store so many different versions, which is important when experimenting with different styles.

To make viewers feel as if they are part of the scenes, we added a handheld feel to about 80 percent of the photography, which was a huge task to ask of the system, but Media Composer rose to the challenge.

In our industry, we never know what obstacles will be thrown at us on any given day. With Media Composer, I know that I don’t have to worry about my equipment and software, but instead can spend my energy on the creative side of my job as an editor.