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Augmented Reality Art Installation Pays Tribute to Female Astronauts

Artist Megan Broadmeadow pays tribute to female astronauts with her augmented reality multimedia installation Mercury 13, now showing at London’s Galeria Melissa.

The Creators Project explains, “Mercury 13 orbits around a giant metallic mobile, comprising several satellites and convex mirrors. Behind the sculpture, three floor-to-ceiling reflective screens radiate with the images of the cosmos, explosions of light, and giant eyes, synced to soundscapes by Matthew Faulkner of studio Sonic Visor. The remainder of the space is designed such that viewers ‘walk inside planets by entering mirrored domes and find disorientation in mirrored infinity chambers.’ Which is casually cosmic, on a major level. The show also includes occasional performances by four dancers, amplified by the installation’s many mirrors, into a legion of alien-esque moving shapes.”