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Audio Podcast: U2 3D, Thanks to HD

The U2 3D concert film, debuting as a digital 3D presentation this month at the Sundance Film Festival, is getting lots of industry splash for being quite possibly the most ambitious, full-length, live-action 3D film ever released since the birth of digital cinema and high-definition 3D capture. With other concert films coming out this year in the same format—and studios investing heavily in 3D productions—industry-watchers are speculating this form of entertainment could provide a big box office boost to an industry under assault from the home entertainment industry.

3ality Digital, of Burbank, Calif., was the company responsible for figuring out a methodology for capturing U2’s global “Vertigo” tour (seven different shows to be exact). The faciliy used a larger number of 3D camera rigs featuring Sony HDW-F950 cameras (nine pairs)— recording to HDCAM-SR tape—than had ever been attempted before on a single project. 3ality also developed a workflow for processing, editing, and finishing the imagery in post. The company’s founder and CEO, Steve Schklair—a longtime veteran of the 3D wars—says it was the most ambitious and challenging project he has ever been involved with.

Schklair recently spoke with millimeter senior editor Michael Goldman about some of the challenges involved with the project. Click here to hear a portion of their conversation