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AtomFilms & Maven Networks Introduce A Better Way to Watch Movies Online(6)

AtomFilms and Maven Networks, a broadband media software company, announced at the Sundance Film Festival, the debut of

‘AtomFilms Hi-Def,’

a free, advertising-supported service that enables enhanced online viewing of world-class independent films, including select titles presented in high definition 720p format. During its beta phase in December 2003, ‘AtomFilms Hi-Def’ attracted more than 10,000 enthusiastic users. Major brand advertisers, including Nintendo, have signed on for the service’s public launch.

‘AtomFilms Hi-Def’ leverages Maven’s broadband media application software and delivery network to provide a quality, full-screen viewing experience that has previously eluded movie fans online. After an initial download, ‘AtomFilms Hi-Def’ users automatically receive weekly desktop delivery of three of AtomFilms’ best movies, viewable at 850kbps, ensuring playback that rivals DVD quality.

Additionally, ‘AtomFilms Hi-Def’ users also have the option to receive two films each month that are viewable at almost three times the resolution of DVD video: Windows Media High-Definition Video (WMV HD) at 720p resolution. This enables a stunning visual experience for users with Windows XP-based machines and marks the first time that true high definition movies are available on the Internet.

The films available on ‘AtomFilms Hi-Def’ represent the best of the renowned AtomFilms catalog of shorts. They range from one minute to thirty minutes in length; many boast film festival awards, Academy Award nominations, and involvement by well-known talent. In celebration of the 2004 Sundance Film Festival, this week’s lineup includes the adrenaline-packed skiing short “Collins Brothers,” and two hits from past Sundance Film Festivals (“Girl Go Boom” and “Venus Blue”).

For brand advertisers, such as Nintendo and Microsoft WindowsXP Media Center, AtomFilms Hi-Def provides a unique interactive channel that delivers television-style advertisements even better than television does – offering high-quality playback, detailed usage tracking, and no ad-skipping or channel-changing. The commercials play prior to each film in the weekly line-up.

‘AtomFilms Hi-Def’ is being showcased at this week’s Sundance Film Festival, where the service premiered at Microsoft’s party at 350 Main St. on January 19th (9pm-12am) In addition, throughout the week festival attendees will also be able to experience the new service and access past Sundance hits at Microsoft’s Digital Center.