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Artist Doug Aitken on Creating a ’21st Century Earthwork’ with his iPad

Artist Doug Aitken’s latest work is a free iPad app called “Altered Earth: Arles, City of Moving Images,” which allows users to explore the surreal natural landscape of Camargue, France. Says Aitkens about developing his first app, “I like the format. It’s fascinating. I’ve always tried to work in a way
where the content dictates what something will be. The potential for
this project to use an app was only really interesting to me if I could
use it as a core sample. If this insignificant small flat screen could
allow you to go deeper, deeper, and deeper into these ideas, these
systems, into different media, from writing to moving image, to
architecture. And it became really compelling because I had to figure
out how to sculpt the information that would bring this pedestrian
object to life.”

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