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Arriscan To Arrive Summer 2004

Arri Digital Systems revealed its prototype of the Arriscan, a 16mm and 35mm film scanner in Amsterdam during IBC 2003. The Arriscan was developed to support the digital intermediate process, used in the feature film effects industry, by increasing speed and quality of scanning. The new scanner compliments the Arrilaser Film Recorder creating an effective and productive combination for a seamless workflow.

“We support film as the superior acquisition media by bridging the gap to the digital post-production environment with a system which is fast, dependable and has an excellent price performance ratio and thus makes high quality film scanning affordable” says Franz Kraus, managing director of Arri.

Dr. Johannes Steurer, director of R&D, Arri Digital Systems adds, “We believe in the success of the new workflow the Arriscan will bring to clients. Instead of tying up the scanner with color grading decisions we feature the concept of separating creative from the technical transfer work. Due to the fact that the Arriscan scans all information on film, it is not necessary to make any creative decisions during the scanning process; they can subsequently be done in the color grading suite.”

Arri Digital Systems, a division of Arri Cinetechnik, is a leading developer of film recording and scanning systems.

The Arriscan is scheduled for delivery the second quarter of 2004.

Technical specifications:

Film Formats

35mm (2, 3 and 4 perforations), 16mm

Native Sensor Resolution

3648 x 2162 pixel


Pin registered

Bit Depth

14 bit ADC, 16 bit internal,

true 16 bit by double exposure


1 fps (2k or 3k)

0,25 fps (4k or 6k)

Output Formats


TIFF 16 bit lin,

DPX 10 bit log

Output Resolution

Depending on requested format, e.g.

2k: 2048 x 1556 @ 12 µm,

4k: 4048 x 3112 @ 6 µm (with micro-scanning)


GUI with EDL import, job editor and job list


Calibration tools


Host computer with Linux OS

Touch panel

Gigabit Ethernet