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ARRI Amira and Mini Play Ball for David Beckham Documentary

BBC’s documentary David Beckham: For the Love of the Game captured the soccer star as he aims to complete a massive feat: playing in seven soccer matches on seven continents in seven days.

To capture the event, cinematographers Neil Harvey and Johann Perry prepped it as a live experience, relying on ARRI Amira and Mini cameras for the majority of the shoot. ““We maxed out on what the Amira could do and having the Mini there gave us the match between cameras,” explains Perry to Definition Magazine. “We set up a different LUT for each location before we went so those decisions which would be loaded in to each camera for each location so we had a slightly different look for each of the seven places. This gave the offline editors the chance to understand what we wanted moving towards the grade again to save time. We also decided to shoot 2.39 aspect ratio which might be the first for BBC One. It’s great that the broadcasters are open to this kind of transmission and really fun for us to shoot.”