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An Appreciation of Stanley Kubrick: Filmmaker, Editor, Photographer, Artist

In honor of LACMA’s upcoming Stanley Kubrick exhibit, Elvis Mitchell writes an appreciation of the filmmaker over on the LACMA blog. He writes, “I may be alone in this, but I think of Stanley Kubrick as an editor. Probably no one who has ever watched Barry Lyndon or The Shining or Eyes Wide Shut can read that sentence with a straight face. But to me, Kubrick was an editor in part because most of his films were adapted from other sources, from which he then mercilessly sliced away material that didn’t lend itself to the motion picture medium. I primarily think of Kubrick as an editor, however, because he was also a photographer, and the best photographers—from Mary Ellen Mark to James Van Der Zee to Robert Capa—are artists who function both as directors and cutters: each shot is basically an entire movie tailored into a single frame.”

Read his full post here.