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Apple Intros iPhone & Apple TV at 2007 Macworld SF

At this morning’s keynote address for the 2007 Macworld Conference and Expo held in San Francisco,


CEO Steve Jobs introduced two hotly anticipated new products:

Apple TV

, which will allow users to watch content from their computers on a television, and the new


, which integrates a widescreen iPod, a cell phone and an Internet communications device into a single piece of equipment.

Jobs also announced that “Apple Computer” is no more and from this day forward, the company will officially be known as Apple, inc.


“It’s a video iPod and a regular iPod, plus a phone. And it’s widescreen when you hold it in landscape mode, on its side,” says Steve Jobs.

— Will ship in June

— Cost: 4GB model = $499, 8GB model = $599

— Cingular will be the exclusive U.S. partner

— Runs on Mac OS X

— New user interface that eliminates the need for a stylus and does away with the buttons that are on the front of most cell phones. Instead, users navigate the iPhone via the touchscreen thanks to Apple’s Multitouch technology. Except for the home button, all the buttons are on the touchscreen.

— Screen resolution:160 pixels-per-inch

— Contains a 2 Megapixel camera

— Contains either 4 GB or 8 GB hard drive

— Syncs with the content on a computer — music, photos, movies, calendar, address book — the same way an iPod does

— Measures 3.5 inches and is 11/16 of an inch thin

— Side controls: ringer on/off, volume, headphone jacks, sleep button, speaker

— Compatible with iPod dock connector

— Memory stored on SIM cards.

— Plays music and TV shows

— Senses when the phone is placed by a user’s ear and dims the display

— Senses what position it’s being held in and the display automatically switches between landscape and portrait mode

— Ambient light sensor dims the screen to save battery power

— Landscape mode displays Cover Flow in full screen

— Quad-band GSM/EDGE phone

— Enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0

— Uses visual voicemail, which allows users to skip messages to get to the one they want

— Allows three-way calling

— Offers full support for Yahoo Mail, Microsoft Exchange, Gmail and AOL Mail

— Compatible with Mac Widgets

— Supports full HTML web browsing using Safari web browser

— 5 hours of battery life; 16 hours just for audio

*NOTE: The ‘iPhone” trademark is currently owned by Cisco systems, but


is reporting that the company expects to finalize an agreement later today that will allow Apple to legally use the iPhone name.

Apple TV

— Will ship in February, but Apple will start taking orders today

— Cost: $299

— Designed for big screen televisions

— Equipped with internal Intel chip

— Contains 40GB hard drive

— Can display content at 720p HD video resolution

— Can wirelessly transmit content from Mac computers

— Can automatically sync content from one computer

— Can stream content from up to five computers, though their content cannot be stored on the Apple TV’s hard drive.

— Connectivity: USB 2.0, Ethernet, 802.11b/g/n, HDMI, Component

— Plays music from iTunes and displays album covers in CoverFlow

— Displays photos from iPhoto