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Antique Panavision Lenses Allow for a 360-Degree Experience on ‘The Hateful Eight’

Shot in 70mm and in the widest possible aspect ratio (2.76 to 1), Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight owes a lot of its unique look to the antique Panavision lenses that cinematographer Robert Richardson chose to use. The ultra-wide lenses, which haven’t been used for almost 50 years, allow for an almost 360-degree experience.

To fully take advantage of that, Tarantino staged the shoot to capture all sorts of details and character interactions. “Maybe it’s John Ruth (Kurt Russell) and Major Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) talking about something, but then there’s also an important play going on in the background,” he tells Variety. “You’re always able to keep track of where everybody is and what’s going on and the reality of the room.”