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Anthem Visual Effects Does New Virtual Series, “Sanctuary,” For Sci Fi

Anthem Visual Effects is producing the visual effects for 13 one-hour original episodes of the new television series


for SCI FI Channel, set to air this fall.

Leading the way in new production technology,


is the only television series to shoot almost entirely on green screen with virtual sets, requiring an astounding number of visual effects. It is also the first series in North America to exclusively employ the RED camera: a filmless, tapeless system that captures images at four times the resolution of a high-definition camera.

“Clearly, when a series is shot on green screen, the visual effects play an integral role in everything the viewer sees,” explains Lee Wilson, President and Visual Effects Supervisor at Anthem Visual Effects. “We want the audience to get caught up in the story and forget all about the visual effects. It’s all about storytelling.”

With a staggering 400 visual effects shots estimated per episode, Anthem’s team is creating everything from monsters to furry creatures, sweeping cityscapes and remote locations, to the impressive Sanctuary itself.


follows the adventures of the beautiful and enigmatic Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping,

Stargate SG-1

), her new and somewhat reluctant protégé Dr. Will Zimmerman (Robin Dunne,

Dawson’s Creek

) and her fearless daughter Ashley (Emilie Ullerup,

Battlestar Galactica

), as they track down, study and protect the strange and often terrifying creatures that secretly populate our world.

”We’re very excited and proud to be involved with


comments Lisa Sepp-Wilson, Visual Effects Producer and CFO, Anthem Visual Effects. ”To have the opportunity to contribute in such a huge way to this ground-breaking fully Canadian series, as well as utilize an innovative camera system – it feels as if our work over the past four years as Anthem has led us here.”


began as a web-based series in 2007 where it garnered a number of awards and an impressive fan base, before receiving television licenses from the US, Canada and the UK. Anthem is taking-over the visual effects for the series as it moves from the Web to television.

Helmed by some of the innovative talents behind

Stargate SG-1


Stargate Atlantis,


creative team includes Executive Producer, Writer and Creator Damian Kindler; Executive Producer and Lead Actor Amanda Tapping; and Executive Producer and Director Martin Wood. In addition, Sam Egan (

Jeremiah, The Outer Limits)

serves as Executive Producer and Writer along with John Smith (

Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis)

and Keith Beedie as Executive Producers.

Anthem’s Lee Wilson is Co-Producer and Visual Effects Supervisor for the series, Lisa Sepp-Wilson is Visual Effects Producer and Sebastien Bergeron, Anthem’s third partner, is Digital Effects Supervisor.


is produced in association with SCI FI Channel and is distributed by Tricon Films and Television.

For more information about Anthem Visual Effects, visit:

About Anthem Visual Effects

Vancouver, B.C. based Anthem Visual Effects was founded in 2004 by President and Visual Effects Supervisor Lee Wilson, CFO and Visual Effects Producer Lisa Sepp-Wilson, and VP and Digital Effects Supervisor Sebastien Bergeron. Anthem’s work includes feature films for New Line and Italy’s Medusa Film, series and miniseries for SCI FI Channel, Showtime, ABC, TNT and Hallmark Channel.