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‘Anger Management’ Streamlines Post with Cinedeck

The production team on FX’s Anger Management is using two Cinedeck RXs, recording native MXF OP-Atom media directly to Avid ISIS shared storage and a redundant copy to an onboard SSD drive for safe backup. For on-set review and dailies, a third Cinedeck RX records a quad-split of the production’s four cameras, recording DNxHD 175 to one channel and H.264 to the second channel. A Light Iron Digital server delivers the H.264 quad-split to the team on the set so they can review all takes on Apple iPads.

Anger Management

’s Brian Austin Green and Charlie Sheen. Photo by Byron Cohen/FX Network.

The post team starts editing right away. The Cinedeck recorders create Avid-native OP-Atom MXF files, so editing can start with a simple drag-and-drop of the AAFs to Avid bins. Efficiencies gained by creating Avid-native, edit-ready files meant a time savings of between two to four hours per day as compared to other digital recorders, and eight hours compared to tape.

“The days of real-time ingest are history,” says Howard Brock, associate producer for Anger Management. “We’re probably saving one day every shooting day on ingest alone. You know the old saying, ‘faster, better, cheaper’—with Cinedeck, we get all three. It’s much cheaper than tape—two channels of Cinedeck RX gives you the equivalent of two SR decks, but at a fraction of the cost, and with no stock charges. Plus, because we don’t need additional editorial assistants to digitize the media overnight, we’re able to run a small post team.”