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Amanda Rose Wilder on Bringing a Poetic Eye to Her Documentary ‘Approaching the Elephant’

Black-and-white documentary Approaching the Elephant examines the radical approach of a free school in New Jersey, in which the kids themselves get to democratically decide their education, discipline and more. Director Amanda Rose Wilder talks to The Moveable Fest about her film and how her background in poetry influences her style.

She says, “I immediately took to the idea of being able to have an intuitive, poetic eye behind a camera, and using it handheld, so when you’re watching the film, you’re almost watching my thought process or you really feel like you’re in my body as I go through the school, I hope. I see a link between poetry and my true observational cinema and experimental films where I feel like you can kind of reach this level [where] this is almost too surreal to be true or a level of surprise, if you’re intuitive with your camerawork, in experimental films as you can with poetry.”

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