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‘Amanda Knox’ Filmmakers Find the Humanity Behind the Headlines

The upcoming Netflix documentary Amanda Knox examines the woman behind the world-famous murder case that made headlines across the globe. But as directors Brian McGinn and Rod Blackhurst tell The Verge, they were far more interested in the humanity of the story than the mystery at the heart of it.

“What we have is this story that people think they knew something about but in reality, they really don’t know what was behind all those headlines,” says Blackhurst. “We like to think of our film as a character study about the human experience. It’s not a forensics film, it’s not a whodunit, it’s not a trial film. A lot of these stories lose track of the humanity, and lose track of who these people were. Ultimately, you have a tragedy where everyone has lost something. Of course, the Kercher family has lost their daughter and they’ve seen this story commodified and turned into entertainment. We hope that Amanda Knox has a unique place in all of these films that are out there.”

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