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‘Alien: Covenant’ Releases Subtly Branded Viral Short Film

In a subtle blend of viral marketing and branded content, 20th Century Fox has released a teaser for the upcoming

Alien: Covenant

. The short film, called “Meet Walter” is supposedly a promotional film for fictional tech company Weyland-Yutani as they introduce their latest A.I., Walter. In the meantime, it also features a microchip branded by real-life microprocessor company’s logo, AMD.

“We worked with the promotional department at Fox and we wanted to find a real partner,” Alison Temple, marketing partner at entertainment marketing venture 3AM, said about AMD at SXSW as reported by 

Advertising Age

. “It had to be a real partner that was working in the space of AI and doing hardware too. We also thought they were interesting too because they’re not consumer-facing.”

Watch “Meet Walter” below and read the full story