AKiTiO ThunderGo 1 TB SSD Keeps On Keepin’ On

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We all know SSD drives are fast, so it’s not news that the AKiTiO ThunderGo is fast. But how does it hold up when you take it out in the field, use it day in and day out on a heavy documentary shoot in all kinds of weather? I’ll tell you: this drive takes a licking and keeps on ticking. Except it doesn’t tick. Or tock. Or hum. Or spin. It just sits there. A smug little brick full of information that is easily and quickly accessible and safe from all the vague but deadly things other hard drives are afraid of. I love AKiTiO products because they work, are designed to do their thing in the background without flashy boxes or crazy colors, and have never let me down.

When I bought ThunderGo about four months ago, I figured I’d use it with my Apple MacBook Pro on location for copying camera cards and location and field editing. I do, and I use it for a lot more than that. It’s become indispensable. It makes my MacBook a powerhouse and a library full of useful things in addition to the project(s) I’m currently working on while on the road. I use it at home, too, because it’s just so darn easy and dependable. It doesn’t care if it’s upside down, right-side up or balancing on its edge. Whatever. It just does its thing. Quickly. Quietly. Dependably. What more could you want from a work drive?

Ray Singer is an actor, editor, cinematographer and screenwriter.



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