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AJA Announces KONA LHe 10-bit Uncompressed Video Capture Card for New Apple PCI Express Power Macs

AJA Video

announced the KONA LHe, a new PCI Express version of the KONA LH. Identical in feature set to the KONA LH released one month ago, the KONA LHe is a 10-bit uncompressed video capture card that supports editing on the new PCI Express Apple Power Macs with Final Cut Studio. Reinforcing the company’s commitment to supporting the latest hardware upgrades, AJA is introducing the KONA LHe as Apple prepares to debut its new PCI Express line of Power Macs. KONA LHe is the only PCI Express (PCIe) card available for OSX and Final Cut Studio that provides a cost-effective, single-card HD/SD analog and digital I/O solution with the superior broadcast quality for which AJA is known.

KONA LHe will ship worldwide on October 31st, 2005, with a list price of $1790 US. KONA LHe has the same feature set as the KONA LH, but with the new high-performance PCI Express bus interface for use in Apple’s new line of Power Macs. The KONA LH remains available for non PCI-Express applications.

KONA LHe Feature List:

€ PCI Express compatible

€ 10-bit Uncompressed SD/HD QuickTime Capture Card

€ SD/HD/Analog (Component/Composite/S-Video)(HD Analog Component-only)

€ DVCProHD hardware acceleration

€ HDV hardware acceleration

€ Dynamic RT Extreme hardware acceleration

€ High-quality 12-bit Video A/D and D/A converters

€ SDI or HD-SDI Input, 2 Independent SDI/HD-SDI Outputs

€ 10-bit Hardware HD to SD Down-conversion

€ 2-channel AES and 8-channel Embedded Audio

€ 2-channel Balanced XLR Analog Audio

€ HD/SD Genlock

€ RS-422 Machine Control

€ Final Cut Pro 5, Motion, After Effects, Combustion, and More

€ Cables Standard, KL-Breakout Optional

€ Three-year warranty

€ Technical Support