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Aereo Extends Reach With Google Chromecast

Hybrid OTA/IP video service provider Aero, still awaiting its fate in an upcoming U.S. Supreme Court decision, has unveiled a new educational video that explains the technology in detail and said that it has extended its reach by going live on the Google Chromecast platform. The Aereo app for Android is available for download in the Google Play store, enabling subscribers to instantly access Aereo’s antenna and DVR technology to record and watch live broadcast television using Google’s Chromecast dongle.

Aereo’s antenna and DVR technology can now be used to record and watch live broadcast television using Google’s Chromecast dongle.

Aereo is currently available in the following metropolitan areas: New York, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Dallas, Detroit, Baltimore, Cincinnati, San Antonio, and Austin. The company said it plans to launch in additional cities throughout 2014.

In order to use Aereo’s technology with Chromecast, consumers must download the Aereo app, synch up the Chromecast device with their television, launch Aereo and the “cast” icon will appear in the app.

Aereo’s remote (cloud-based) antenna/DVR technology allows users to pause, rewind and fast-forward any program that they are watching live, or save a program for future viewing.  Aereo’s technology works with compatible “smart” devices, including tablets, cellphones and laptop computers.  Aereo is currently supported on Apple’s iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. The Aereo app for Android (currently in beta) is available for download for devices running Android operating system version 4.1 or higher.  Aereo is also supported on the Chrome for Mac and Chrome for Windows, Safari, Internet Explorer 9, Firefox, Opera Software, AppleTV (via AirPlay) and Roku platforms.

An Aereo subscription starts at $8 per month, for access to Aereo’s cloud-based antenna/DVR technology and 20 hours of DVR storage. For an additional $4 per month, consumers can upgrade their membership and receive 60 hours of DVR storage.  Consumers who join Aereo will currently get their first of month of access for free.