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Adobe Premiere Pro’s Dynamic Link Helps Deliver Sundance Sci-Fi Film ‘Rememory’ on Time



Tyler Nelson, Billy Peake and Jane MacRae speak to Adobe about their work on the sci-fi murder mystery film about a machine that allows people to experience past memories. The team used an Adobe Premiere Pro workflow and refined a pipeline that Nelson and Peake had helped create for

Gone Girl


“One thing that I love about Premiere Pro is the ability to create a lot of visual effects using

Dynamic Link

to send work back and forth between Premiere and After Effects,” says Nelson. “There are some sci-fi elements in the film. The scientist makes a machine that is capable of recording memories and those memories are displayed on the user interface of a machine. Nearly every single shot with this machine, which encapsulates 418 shots, required visual effects work. It was definitely better for us to use something with a lot of visual effects maneuverability such as the Dynamic Link connectivity between Premiere and After Affects.”

“If we had to do it without Dynamic Link, we never would have hit the deadline because it would have taken three times longer,” adds MacRae.

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