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Adobe Demonstrates In-VR Editor CloverVR

At the Adobe MAX conference last week, the software company demonstrated CloverVR–a prototype NLE within Adobe Premiere that would allow editors to cut VR pieces while within VR.

Explains Road to VR, “[Adobe’s Steven] DiVerdi aptly demonstrates first the issues with snipping 360 video in the traditional 2D toolset. If you’ve ever looked at a 360 YouTube video outside of a VR headset you’ll know the problem too, that they don’t make a lot of sense to the human eye. Providing context and direction in 360 videos then becomes challenging as the editor has to continually preview the video within VR to ensure things are making sense. Functionally, CloverVR does indeed look early, but DiVerdi showed off a feature to help tackle that issue of context but flipping between two adjoining scenes to from a preview interface overlaid onto the active video view.”

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