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Adobe Addresses Misconceptions About Creative Cloud

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In an essay on Studio Daily, Adobe director of video product management Bill Roberts addresses many of the concerns and misconceptions that exist surrounding Creative Cloud.

He writes, "Creative Cloud provides the desktop tools that many users know and love in a new way, and surrounds these applications in rich services that amplify their value (cloud storage, website creation, licensed fonts, etc). Do you have to use these other services? No. Do you have to store a single file on our infrastructure? No. The choice is yours. But is there value for some people in storing your files on Creative Cloud? Absolutely. A great example is the review process that is built into Creative Cloud for Photoshop. There is one file in one place, and everyone who needs to review the image can comment on it. Some people will love this feature, while others will prefer emailing files and/or finding other methods to review work. The choice is yours, and you can still get plenty of value from the Creative Cloud tools without using those services."

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