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Action Shooter Dan Campbell Lloyd Chooses Sachtler

Dan Campbell Lloyd with Sachtler Ace L

An action shooter best known for his specialty shots and slow motion imagery, Dan Campbell Lloyd is often called on to capture images in less than optimal conditions. ”As an outdoor extreme sports shooter, durability, dependability and portability are key when choosing my equipment,” notes Campbell. “I can’t risk missing a key sequence.”

Campbell, who recently shot the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing in Hawaii, has relied on Sachtler tripods for the last decade. “There are times I need to move quickly or climb to the top of a hill, so having a lightweight rig that’s also incredibly sturdy gives me the edge to try something not too many other shooters would.”

Depending on the destination, his camera rig and location, he brings along an Ace L, Video 18 SB or Video 20. “My lightweight Ace L is perfect for shooting run-and-gun style and especially when I travel. When I switch cameras and use longer lenses, I count on my Video 20 fluid head to give me the stability and balance I need without the shake.”

Campbell says when he goes to his larger Canon 150-600mm lens and RED Dragon camera, “there’s no better option than the Sachtler 18 SB to support my payload and still allow me to get up and go with ease.”