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Accept Your VR Mission to Mars

Users take a virtual journey to the Red Planet.

“Mars 2030,” an immersive VR experience from FMG Studios, includes a range of features designed to blur the line between science, engineering and entertainment.

Developed with NASA under the Space Act Agreement, the experience was created using actual data from the leading experts on Mars human mission planning to deliver the most authentic experience possible. Users take a virtual journey to the Red Planet that includes 15 square miles of Martian landscape accurately mapped and modeled from real Mars orbital satellite data.

Terrain is modeled from a custom HI-RISE conversion, integrating real-world Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter data into the Unreal Engine 4 3D graphics engine for frame rates and up to 8K resolution. Immersion is the primary focus, with graphics and sound that draws the user into Mars’ haunting red beauty. To read more about the experience, click here.

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