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ABC Network News Goes Live with Parkervision’s PVTV Studio News

New York City, August 28, 2001 – ABC Network News in New York Cityrecently went online with a ParkerVision Digital PVTV STUDIO NEWSproduction automation system in its main newsroom. The system is usedprimarily for breaking news coverage overnight Friday and Saturdayevenings, and will serve as a backup system to the live crew in themain control room.

ABC Network News first selected PVTV STUDIO NEWS for its ability togo on the air with breaking news at a moment’s notice even when a fullcrew is not on staff. The addition of PVTV to the network’s operationwill provide this ability seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

ABC Network News had been following the development of PVTV sincethey first saw it at NAB in April 1999, waiting for specific featuresto be added before moving forward with their purchase. “Now that it’sup and running, PVTV STUDIO NEWS provides ABC with a competitiveadvantage in the news market, and allows the network to be fullystaffed around the clock, including weekends, which is not easy toaccomplish in a cost-efficient manner,” explained Richard Sisisky,President and COO of ParkerVision.

PVTV is integrated within ABC’s existing studio cameras and intercomsystems. It is housed behind a “World News Tonight” set piece, directlybehind anchor Peter Jennings’ chair.

During weekend overnight hours, ABC can rely on one technicaldirector and one assistant director manning the control room. A singleperson performs the work of six to seven people, without leaving theirchair. ABC has not and will not be letting any personnel go due to theimplementation of PVTV.

This marks the first major network installation of ParkerVision’sPVTV STUDIO NEWS. “To say we are pleased to provide our solutions to anetwork as prestigious and respected as ABC is an understatement,”added Sisisky. “We feel that by choosing PVTV STUDIO NEWS, ABC hasselected a solution that will provide the network with the utmost inhigh-quality, cost-effective news production. ParkerVision is delightedto be part of the award-winning ABC Network news operation.”

PVTV STUDIO NEWS is a Windows NT-based live professional broadcastvideo production system that leverages the integration of video, audio,machine, and camera and teleprompter control functions into a one- totwo-operator station. Through ParkerVision’s Transition Macrotechnology, all segments of a live show can be pre-programmed andpreviewed prior to a show going on-air.

ParkerVision is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla. Additionalinformation about the company and its products is available