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a52 Continues Fincher Collaboration With Netflix Breakout ‘House of Cards’

Trust Collective writes: Continuing an already exciting year, VFX studio a52 brings the finishing touches to David Fincher’s game-changing Netflix-exclusive series, House of Cards. Led by Colorist/Lead Smoke Artist Paul Yacono, the a52 team delivered comprehensive color and finishing services for the series’ first season. a52 sister company, Rock Paper Scissors, contributed as well with two-time Oscar-winning editor Kirk Baxter cutting the series’ first two episodes, which were directed by Fincher, and fellow Oscar-winner and RPS co-founder Angus Wall editing the series’ title sequence. The final result is a sprawling epic comprising 13 one-hour episodes, and representing one of the largest undertakings in a52 history.

“From working with David on The Social Network, I already had an understanding of his attention to detail in his imagery, with a focus on contrast, color, and composition,” explained Yacono. “He’s an idiosyncratic director with an incredible eye and he knows the look he likes and doesn’t like; rarely is there an in-between. Yet at the same time he would be completely non-restrictive, allowing us to explore within the world that he and DP Eigil Bryld provided.”

Once the initial look was established, Yacono and a52 second colorist Tommy Hooper tag-teamed the remaining 12 episodes over a five-month period. During this time, the rest of a52’s House of Cards team, including lead online editor Matt Sousa, set about conforming each episode and adding touches of subtle VFX.