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A Look Behind the Scenes of ‘Joker’ with Editor Jeff Groth (

Editor Jeff Groth working on ‘Joker.’

“Even with all the other major films that came out in 2019, few have caused such broad commentary and discussion as Todd Phillips’s Joker. A fascinatingly dark and divergent take on this long-established character, Joker draws from the spirit of the best of 1970s American cinema to paint a new origin story for Batman’s sinister arch-nemesis.” – Source:

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Editor Jeff Groth received the script for Joker a year before shooting even began, giving him plenty of time to prepare for cutting the film. “If I’m looking for anything, I’m looking for things that we might not need,” Groth says about reading the script. “But for the most part I don’t want to stop anybody from shooting something, because, of course, I’d like all the footage that I can get to ultimately put the pieces together.”