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501 Post Uses eQ to Post “Sin City”

Austin-based 501 Post provided the complete HD conform and color correction for “Sin City.” Texas born, Austin resident, and Sin City filmmaker (writer, producer, director, original music, cinematography), Robert Rodriguez, chose 501 Post partly for its talent and partly for its eQ edit suite where his all-HD movie could be conformed and color corrected. It helped that working with 501 Post also afforded his crew the luxury of staying home for much of the film’s posting.

Rodriguez and his company, Troublemaker Studios, were early adopters of HD filmmaking (Spy Kids 2, the Island of Lost Dreams, Spy Kids 3D, Once Upon A Time in Mexico, Sin City). Last year he updated his studio for working in 4:4:4. At the same time 501 Post upgraded its eQ in anticipation of picking up some work from the successful filmmaker. The break came when Rodriguez turned to 501 Post to cut the “Sin City” trailer.

501 Post eQ artist Jim Reed, along with assistant Lucas Martell, conformed a total of seven 20-minute reels for the film. Since the majority of the movie was black-and-white, Reed used eQ’s built-in color correction tools including the system’s popular fettle capabilities to handle the color correction portion of the job.

Once Reed and Troublemaker Studios’ Digital Color Timing Supervisor, Eric Pham, received final approval on the conform, the archives were sent to LA-based Post Logic where late arriving 3D effects shots were dropped into the final cut using the Quantel iQ Digital Intermediate system.