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Lytro Immerge Creates a Volumetric VR Experience Unlike Any Other

"Hallelujah" is an immersive 5-minute performance of the classic Leonard Cohen song.

VR studio Within used Lytro’s Immerge light-field camera to capture “Hallelujah,” a five-minute volumetric VR experience that gives a sense of presence perhaps unlike anything that has come before it.

The concept behind the piece is simple. A singer, Bobby Halverson, sings an a capella version of Leonard Cohen’s classic song “Hallelujah.” Eventually more copies of him join in, singing different parts, until he eventually finds himself in a church joined by a full choir.

Explains Road to VR about what makes this experience different, “

Lytro’s Immerge camera is unlike any 360 camera you’ve seen before. Instead of shooting individual ‘flat’ frames, the Immerge camera has a huge array of cameras which gather many views of the same scene, data which is crunched by special software to recreate the actual shape of the environment around the camera. The big benefit of which is that the playback puts the viewer in a virtual capture of the space, allowing for a limited amount of movement within the scene, whereas traditional 360 video only captures a static viewpoint which is essentially stuck to your head. Not to mention the Immerge camera also provides true stereo and outputs a much higher playback quality. The result is a much richer and more immersive VR film experience than what you’ve seen with traditional 360 video shoots.”

Watch a behind-the-scenes video below and read the full story