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Digital Initiatives Add Thrills to ‘Berlin Station’

The initiative provides users with a virtual reality tour of the German capital and features interactive clues that will help enhance the series’ storyline,.

The EPIX television series Berlin Station is supported by an interactive digital initiative that provides users with a virtual reality tour of the German capital and features interactive clues that will help enhance the series’ storyline, according to Nora Ryan, executive vice president and chief of staff for EPIX.

The Berlin Station online experience, accessible via all mobile devices on all platforms at, features several two- to five-minute videos that allow viewers to take a 360° look at points around the city.

Among the video scenes is a virtual car chase, during which users can view a number of Berlin landmarks while picking up clues about the evolving storyline, according to Keary Hanan, EPIX senior vice president of digital programming and production.

Within the videos are red, interactive “hot spots” that will reveal information about the series’ storyline or characters, adds Shane Lindley, EPIX’s senior director of digital programming and product.

EPIX teamed with three tech agencies on the development of Ayzenberg, which designed the digital experience and led the project development; WIREWAX, which built the in-browser interactive video experience; and Scopic, which captured the experience’s 360° video footage.

“The best stories have many layers and seemingly endless possibilities. We aimed to deliver that with and I’m confident we delivered through authentic storytelling and innovative technology,” notes Rebecca Markarian, senior vice president, digital and social media, at Ayzenberg.

Once the series launches on October 16, EPIX will add new videos with the premiere of each new episode, expanding the show’s storylines beyond what’s seen on screen. Fans will be able to participate in a uniquely immersive experience as the spy thriller unfolds, Ryan says.

“Throughout the series we will look to increase engagement and sharing experience,” Lindley explains. “Ultimately we want to create that social collateral in which [the user knows] something about the show that no one else does.”

Ryan explains that the VR content will be available free to all users across all internet-connected devices in order to introduce a younger, digitally engaged audience to the network’s new original series. “It’s nonlinear storytelling that we think will be very interesting for viewers,” she says.

“EPIX was designed for cross-platform viewing, the first premium network to launch on TV, on demand and with thousands of titles streaming online and on hundreds of devices,” said Mark Greenberg, president and CEO of EPIX, in a statement. “Now we’re tapping the latest technology to create new approaches to storytelling and deeper engagement for fans.”