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Jesse Kanda Creates a VR Music Video Out of an Enormous Replica of Bjork’s Mouth

Jesse Kanda’s virtual reality music video for Bjork’s “Mouth Mantra” takes place from within the singer’s mouth–or at least an enormous 4-foot replica of it.

Kanda used 12 cameras inside an animatronic replica to achieve the video, now showing in its full VR version at London’s Bjork Digital exhibit.

“The mouth is so beautiful to me. It just all fit together like a puzzle,” Kanda tells Dazed Digital. “It had to be 360, so what part of your body has something going on in all directions? And then which of them is beautiful, moist, and animated? I guess it’s the animator’s side of me that’s fascinated by the mouth and the way that it moves. It’s just the sexiest part of the whole body! Also the teeth – it’s bone, it’s exoskeleton, it’s the only part of the body where you can see your actual bones. That is sick! So on a visual level, there are all kinds of different colors and architectures. There’s stuff that’s solid and white, and then there’s stuff that’s wet and pink and veins and it’s all blue underneath.”

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