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Upcoming Animated VR Series ‘Sequenced’ Will Be Truly Reactive

Apelab’s upcoming animated virtual reality series Sequenced is designed to take the next step in reactive storytelling. While the series has a traditional story to tell, it also will alter many small things within its arc depending on where the viewer chooses to focus their gaze.

“In the final product there will be many additional triggers, which are not necessarily linked to the main arc but that add interactivity, feedback and a sense of magic that you are around here even if you aren’t really,” Apelab CEO Emilie Joly tells Road to VR. “[it] could be as simple as an animal reacting to your presence thus affecting the two main characters, or a simple burst of wind and leaves passing by you as you watch the sky, a character suddenly reacting when you look. All those little important things are in the works but I think the core challenge here is to first be able to tell a good story, with an arc that has a beginning and an end while making it reactive to your presence. We really believe that interactive storytelling in VR needs to be organic, and reactive to the user.”