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Rugby Club Creates Custom Video Recording Workflow

Bath Rugby Club relies on advanced technologies for ongoing team development.

Bath Rugby Club relies on advanced technologies for ongoing team development, so when we sought a solution for upgrading our video capabilities, we had several key requirements. First, the club needed the ability to record not only from live streams provided by broadcasters, but also from handheld cameras.

Besides the ability to transfer videos quickly to professional analytical software, Bath Rugby wanted to make the content available to team members on their laptops and mobile devices in a user-friendly format. The resulting videos needed to be in a common format with enough detail and quality to be analyzed frame by frame, without taking up large amounts of data storage. Video clips also needed to be in a transportable format open to multiple professional and consumer-grade platforms.

To meet these requirements, Bath Rugby Club has built a custom video handling workflow based on VITEC’s FS-H70 portable proxy recorder. The FS-H70 addresses the club’s need for HD video recording in the standard .mov format, recording files onto a removable card. The card can be distributed to club members and coaches for easy access and viewing of the videos. The .mov files can also be easily ingested into the Sportstech Sportscode analytical software for internal club use. Video from the SDHC card or Sportscode can be shared via the cloud to coaches, managers and players alike, depending on the desired viewing platform.

With the new workflow, Bath Rugby Club can leverage multiple cards for training and live matches that can be swapped and read immediately via laptops on the pitch side.

—Richard Bernard, Senior Product Manager, VITEC

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