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Next|Video Keynote Matt Graham Considers the Future of Digital Content

Join Matt Graham, senior director at PBS Digital Studios, at the Next|Video Conference and Expo Wednesday, October 1st 2:00 PM-3:00 PM in Pasadena, CA.

Join Matt Graham, senior director at PBS Digital Studios, at the Next|Video Conference and Expo Wednesday, October 1st 2:00 PM-3:00 PM in Pasadena, CA.

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Matt Graham knows the importance of tracking and analyzing consumer viewing habits. It is no longer sufficient to scan a daily ratings summary–audience measurement takes place in real time and across many platforms. Graham discusses how PBS is using its digital unit to experiment with content, attract younger viewers and engage potential sponsors.

How has PBS Digital Studios responded to changes in digital distribution?

Matt Graham: PBS Digital Studios is helping to expand PBS’ relationship with a generation of viewers who grew up watching PBS on television but are now accessing content in different formats and across many platforms. Two-thirds of the PBS Digital Studios audience is between the ages of 13 and 34. These viewers are highly engaged, sparking hundreds of thousands of smart conversations online. As more outlets for good digital video content emerge, we’ve found that users seek us out for original content created with a PBS sensibility.

Matt Graham

What do content creators need to know about digital platforms and distribution?

PBS Digital Studios has more flexibility to experiment with different types of programming. Our production cycles and budgets are a tiny percentage of what goes into creating a typical broadcast television show. A benefit with digital is the ability to iterate quickly. We have the flexibility to evolve our formats and editorial approaches based on the feedback we get from our audience.

Tell us about Frankenstein, M.D.

Frankenstein, M.D., PBS Digital Studios’ first scripted narrative series, is a classic story that enables us to integrate science, technology and math. It reimagines the title character as Victoria Frankenstein, an obsessive, eccentric prodigy in a modern university setting. The story is told through video blogs, the characters’ Twitter feeds, Tumblr and more, and drives to a thrilling Halloween finale.

What will Next|Video keynote attendees come away with?

At Next|Video, I’ll talk about how to identify trends and create a culture of innovation within your own organization. Streaming video is offering content creators new opportunities to engage and attract audiences who consume content anywhere and at any time. In this presentation, you will hear how the company changed its own culture to foster constant innovation.

Matt Graham is the keynote speaker at Next|Video Conference + Expo, taking place October 1-3 in Pasadena, Calif. For more information and to register, visit