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Mobeon Selects Matrox to Facilitate Webcasting Workflow

Mobeon is a full-service digital media production company that operates internationally. One of our specialties is providing live video streaming and webcasting services from our studios or on location. More and more organizations are looking for cost-effective ways to bring concerts, competitions, conferences, conventions, product launches and news to worldwide audiences, and that’s where we come in. We facilitate the entire webcasting process, or any part of it where the client needs help—whether that is in preproduction, live encoding and streaming, postproduction or video hosting.

Mobeon relies on Matrox’s VS4 four-channel video capture card for its live video streaming and webcasting services

Just Had To Try Out New Matrox Capture Card

We use a variety of equipment in our work but are always looking for cost-effective tools that can help our customers deliver high-quality content on tight budgets. When I heard about Matrox’s VS4 four-channel video capture card that enables multicamera live production streaming and ISO recording with Telestream Wirecast software, I knew I had to try it.

We were familiar with Wirecast, but the Matrox VS4 card promised to bring it to whole new level, letting us use up to four live inputs, plus do ISO recording of all those channels. We integrated the first system ourselves and put it to immediate use at the World Latin Dance Cup Finals. We used three cameras there to capture more than 600 competitors from some 40 countries performing for a standing-room-only crowd.

Wirecast let us switch and mix the multiple live video feeds with pre-recorded clips while adding transitions, graphics, titles and effects to achieve a professional look with a very small crew. The live action was streamed via Ustream.

We’d planned to use the native 1080p HD ISO recordings, repurposed into a documentary by the event organizer, but they proved to be a real benefit in another way.

The performances ran several hours longer than expected and we ran out of the SxS media cards we used in the XDCAM HD camcorders. If we hadn’t had the ISO recordings, we would have lost an important part of the event: the awards ceremony.

Even Better Than We’d Expected

Wirecast workflow

That first time out, Wirecast and VS4 proved to be a solid solution that surpassed my expectations under demanding conditions. We started using it to stream a wide range of events for many different clients using a variety of streaming services. Soon we purchased a second system, this time a mini-tower configuration from a Matrox Certified System Builder. The two systems have given us the versatility we need to adapt, no matter what clients and venues require. We appreciate the long cable runs we are able to achieve over SDI—more than 300 feet on occasion—without video quality issues. And when we need to use HDMI gear, we just add inexpensive HDMI-to-SDI adapters so we can still take advantage of even longer video cable runs.

Mark Alamares

Next up for us is the purchase of some Wirecast/VS4-based turnkey systems that are now available in tiny “lunchbox” form factors. These are very portable—they can even travel with the operator as carry-on luggage. We’ll be able to service more customers at a lower cost and expand our business in places where live streaming might, in the past, have been cost-prohibitive.

Mark Alamares is the chief executive officer at Mobeon. He may be contacted at For additional information, visit Matrox Video at