zLense Introduces Three-Camera Virtual Studio Bundle

Studios can quickly and cost-effectively combine keyed backgrounds, foregrounds, and graphic layers to create fully VR environments.
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A three-camera package, zLense's zTrack VR Studio System is currently available for $60,000 US. The real-time keying effects made possible with this system – that typically cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve – brings a new level of creativity to smaller broadcast and production studios that was previously out of their budgetary reach.

"Our new VR studio bundles are ideal for small and medium sized broadcast and production facilities, letting them deliver high-value content more quickly and at far lower costs," explains Bruno György, CEO of zLense. "Because these new bundles include sophisticated 3-channel chroma keying combined with our unique zTrack camera tracking, customers can finally achieve the creative potential of live productions while also speeding up and simplifying content creation with 3D realism."

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System bundles are available for up to three cameras, and include camera tracking, as well as integrated three-channel chroma keying to achieve realistic 3D VR results. All the necessary VR studio elements are included, including the tracking cameras and zTrack tracking software, 3-channel keyer, Unity3D rendering engine with zTrack plugin, tracking and rendering workstations, and online training and support.

The bundled video system makes integration much easier and more cost effective compared to integrating separate external keying systems and other components. Optional upgrades are available for customers that want to also make use of more sophisticated 3D keying to create depth–based effects.

A wide range of upgrade elements are compatible with the system, including the zLense Studio Rig, DSLR, professional camera and PTZ head remote control, zoom encoding, NDI support, integrated video switching and titling, as well as other rendering engines and set design. All the bundles are optimized for interlaced HD resolution rendering, but higher resolution and progressive frame rates can be supported on request.

Using this system, studios can quickly and cost-effectively combine keyed backgrounds, foregrouns, and graphic layers to create fully VR environments with high production value. Creating the sets in VR not only saves considerable cost, but is fast and versatile as well, allowing limited studio space to serve multiple users and productions more efficiently in shorter time periods. Studios such as those in educational and corporate settings can continue to serve multiple users and needs while significantly raising the quality and production value of the resulting images.

For more information, visit zlense.com/multicamera-bundles.


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