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'Zero Dark Thirty' Producer on Kathryn Bigelow: 'Nothing Fazes Her'

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Producer Megan Ellison talks the challenges and film footage of Zero Dark Thirty, saying of director Kathryn Bigelow, "Nothing fazes her. She’s just so efficient on set. Our first day, we did 72 set-ups. She moves fast."

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Major Sports Network Transports Entire Professional Golf Tournament Over Public Internet Using Technology From VidOvation and AVIWEST

VidOvation today announced that a major U.S. sports network used VidOvation and AVIWEST technology late last month for international coverage of the annual professional golf tournament between U.S. and European teams. VidOvation supplied AVIWEST gear equipped with unique SafeStreams technology, which allowed the network to use IP to contribute and transport all video over the public internet between the event at Le Golf National Golf Course in Paris and the studio control room in Atlanta.