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'Wonderstruck' Achieves Era-Specific Looks With Era-Specific Equipment

Cinematographer Edward Lachman, ASC, used the technology of the time to emulate the visual styles of 1920s and 1970s film in Todd Haynes' new film.
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Todd Haynes and his longtime director of photography, Edward Lachman, ASC, could have used a range of technologies to specific segments of


set in the 1920s and 1970s, but neither filmmaker thought that would effectively present the visual that they wanted for their story.

Instead, Lachman researched and amassed technology that would have been used for filming in the time periods they were depicting to tell the story.

Lachman described some of what they did to capture the film's 1920s look to Indiewire: "Rose's portion of the film was shot on black-and-white negative. I got Kodak Double-X Negative and I shot with the Arricam… we wanted the texture of what film could have looked like back then.

"I used filters, older lenses—my old Cooke Speed Panchros, which could have been used back then. I tried to use the technology of the black-and-white period as close as I could, including using tungsten lights outdoors, rather than HMIs."

Read how Lachman captured the rest of the film




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