When it's Cool to be an Empty Suit: A Holographic Window Display at Paul Smith Store

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Ido Lechner reports on the site PSKF about a window display developed by Carl Bresnahan, which "aims to engage and attract potential customers through some technological trickery." The interactive holographic display, titled "The Window that Never Sleeps", can be operated even after hours when the store—in this case, a conceptual Paul Smith facade—is closed, embedding a standout image in the minds of shoppers and prompting them to return when the store reopens."

Later, the piece goes on to say, "Far ahead of its time, Bresnahan’s holographic window display is sure to catch the attention of any and all passerby, with a layer of interactivity eliciting an enchanted response that sets the store apart from any others nearby."

Take a look:

The window that never sleeps from Carl Bresnahan on Vimeo.