Is This What's Coming in the Next Mac Pro?

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Mac Pro users have been awaiting an update for a long time, and it's looking likely that there finally will be one in 2013. With scant details about what to expect, freelance editor/animator Lou Borella takes a look at Apple's history and speculates about what he thinks the Mac Pro will and will not have.

He writes, "More pro users will be more disappointed then impressed. Just like FCPX our expectations will continue to skyrocket as we wait and wait and wait … and wait. Many of us are imagining an update to the machine we have stared at for the last 10 years. We have to realize that Apple believes that the computer landscape has changed over that time. The new Mac Pro will be reflected in that landscape change. It will be a computer that Apple believes we will need and not not the computer we are hoping they will provide. Just like FCPX was vastly different than FCP7 the new Mac Pro will be vastly different then what we are used to. And just like FCPX it will be impossible for any new Mac Pro to live up to the expectations."

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