The Weirdo, Welcome 'At Home With Amy Sedaris'

"As a host, she's equal parts earnest and off-kilter, introducing one demented craft project after another."
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"As a host, she's equal parts earnest and off-kilter, introducing one demented craft project after another."

"Amy Sedaris welcomes viewers to her new TV show—a satire that plays out like a bizarro-world cooking series, except the recipes are for terrible crafts—with a grin stretched so wide it's practically falling off her tiny face," writes Caroline Framke. "She delivers so many left-field punchlines that it's hard to catch them all before she moves on to the next instructional segment or throws to a separate sketch.

"As a host, she's equal parts earnest and off-kilter, introducing one demented craft project after another—from necklaces adorned with decaying raisins to popsicle sticks dipped in glue and stray hair—all while keeping an eye out for pesky snakes that might be lurking behind yarn balls." To read the full article, click here.  

"At Home With Amy Sedaris is modeled after an antiquated genre of television: the hospitality shows of the '60s that taught women how to cook and create and become a perfect domestic partner," Kaitlyn Tiffany explains. "She makes food like angel food ice cream cake, which she serves as a crumbling disaster covered in a pile of whipped cream--applied by hand.

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She serves sangria with Twizzler straws and wraps up a still-lit candle to give as a gift. She also makes actually beautiful pork chops and steak medallions, cable-knit sweaters and coin-studded placemats. She is good at some things and terrible at others, but never acknowledges the difference.

"The show represents a fun, sloppy example of adulthood. Those are pretty rare, and Sedaris somehow makes the world seem both more surprising and more kind." To read the full article, click here.  

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"To Sedaris, the most satisfying part of embracing black humor is being able to 'laugh at stuff that really isn't funny,'" explains Joel Keller. "You just have to make fun of it, but you just have to think about what's funny about every bad situation in a lot of ways. I do, anyway. That's why I like to watch dramas. Even then I can be like, 'What's funny about that? How could I make this funny in my head?' Doesn't mean I go out there and do it, but I just like to look at the funny side of things, as well as the serious side of things. I can be pretty serious." To read the full interview, click here.



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