Webinar: Ask a Video Pro: Tips & Tricks for Switching to Premiere Pro

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You can now watch the recorded webinar: "Ask a Video Pro for Switchers Part 2: Tips & Tricks for Switching to Premiere Pro." Richard Harrington shares techniques and ideas that will speed up your Premiere Pro workflow.

Topics covered are:

  • Project and sequence setup
  • The Media Browser plus linking and interpreting media
  • Interpreting RED .r3d Files after the shoot
  • Analyzing footage and searching speech to text translations or transcripts
  • Working with transitions and effects
  • Intermediate and advanced color correction techniques
  • The Automate to Sequence command to cut on the beat of music
  • Editing from the bin and using Hoverscrub
  • Adjustment layers and special effects
  • Audio preferences and meters
  • Configuring workspaces and layouts
  • Plus commentary from Adobe Premiere Pro product manger Al Mooney

See it here.