Watch PES's Latest Stop-Motion Masterpiece

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Master stop-motion animator PES is back with his latest film "Submarine Sandwich" in which a variety of sporting gloves and other household items become the ingredients for a tasty sandwich. The film is comprised of 2600 shots and was partially funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

"Each shot takes between two and nine hours," PES tells Fast Company's Co.Create. "People think stop motion is tedious because it takes such a long time to make, but from my perspective, I've been thinking about these ideas for a couple of years, drawing, casting the objects, searching for, buying them, altering the objects and getting them ready. Countless hours of preparation went into capturing that moment on film so spending two hours to get a shot doesn't seem like a long time to me."

Watch "Submarine Sandwich" below and read the whole fascinating story behind his creation here.