Watch a Music Video Filmed Covertly at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Artist FIN collaborates with FlucT and Eartheater for a music video/performance art piece shot at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in secret with smartphones as filming is not allowed within the museum.


For the video, I specifically wanted to be interacting with art from Ancient Greek and Roman empires," FIN tells


. "The marble sculptures function almost like media – they showcase the idealized body of the time, they relay social roles and moral narratives. These cultures have had a lasting impact on the western world, and their ideas were forcefully disseminated through colonialism. Their legacies reverberate into the modern world."

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Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance (IDEA) to Create Specifications for Next-Gen Immersive Media, Including Light Field Technology

The Immersive Digital Experiences Alliance (IDEA) will launch at the 2019 NAB Show with the goal of creating a suite of royalty-free specifications that address all immersive media formats, including emerging light field technology. Founding members, including CableLabs®, Light Field Lab Inc, Otoy, and Visby, created IDEA to serve as an alliance of like-minded technology, infrastructure, and creative innovators working to facilitate the development of an end-to-end ecosystem for the capture, distribution, and display of immersive media.


NextRadioTV Deploys Extensive MediorNet Routing Solution From Riedel Communications

NextRadioTV has deployed a large-scale MediorNet real-time signal network from Riedel Communications to serve as the backbone for the broadcaster's brand-new audiovisual infrastructure. The 204-node MediorNet system has been installed in the new NextRadioTV facilities on the Paris campus of the Altice Group, which acquired NextRadioTV in 2016, to support signal distribution, routing, and processing over a single decentralized real-time network.