Watch an Experimental Short Film Shot with the Blackmagic URSA

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Marc Linhoff's experimental short film "Petit Bateau" was shot entirely with a Blackmagic URSA.

Linhoff tells 4K Shooters, "I set the codec to 4K RAW, shot at 400 ASA. We connected my SQN3 mixer to the camera, recorded 24bits 48000khz wav files internally. The camera has multiple screens, I especially like to use the largest one. The audio VU meters and audio waveforms that displays on the right side I find very practical too. I had no compatible shoulder pad, we had few dolly shots, but many handheld shots."

Watch below and read the full story here.




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Mobile Viewpoint's IP Transmission Products Use Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink Micro

Mobile Viewpoint's IP Transmission Products Use Blackmagic Design’s DeckLink Micro

Blackmagic Design today announced that Mobile Viewpoint, a leader in IP contribution solutions, is using DeckLink SDI Micro and DeckLink Micro Recorder in a number of their popular IP broadcast products. DeckLink products, the world’s highest quality PCIe capture and playback cards, are used in Mobile Viewpoint’s Terralink Mini, Terralink Mini-M, Agile Airlink and Baselink product lines.