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Ustream on Election Day and Beyond

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Ustream community manager Terry Parris, Jr. writes up the newly relaunched streaming site's lofty goals on PBS' MediaShift. He writes,

"What gets me up in the morning is our ability to provide and spotlight alternative, independent and buried voices alongside those that are employed by much larger media organizations. That's where we can change this game, where you can truly get variety within this narrowing view of American politics.

"This is different than channel surfing. This is looking at the page, seeing dozens of live video feeds directly or indirectly part of the election, and picking which ones are important to you.

"The potential is endless, and it's everywhere. I can envision a depth of reporting in local, state and national coverage. We have the ability to collect and organize content from election breaking news, debates, town halls, from across the nation."

Read his full post here.