Using 3D as an Effect in 'The Walk'

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Robert Zemeckis' The Walk tells the true story of Philippe Petit, the French acrobat who surreptitiously walked a highwire in between the two towers of the World Trade Center back in 1974. To full appreciate Petit's death-defying feat, the film is presented in 3D, which was done in post-production.

"[Zemeckis] decided that we would do this 2D and dimensionalize it later, and I was totally with him," cinematographer Dariusz Wolski tells Variety. "You can absolutely dimensionalize it beautifully, as long as you know that when you are shooting it. You design the shots, and if you really want to have 3D effects straight to your face, from my experience, if you really want to shock people with an object coming toward the screen, it’s better to shoot 2D and then dimensionalize it. Because with a 2D camera, you can put it much closer to the object so that it pops out at your face. With a 3D rig, it’s a little bit limiting because it’s bigger. It can be way more beneficial to shoot in 2D first if you’re playing 3D as an effect, which in the case of The Walk, it was."