Understanding Color

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RedShark News' Phil Rhodes delves into the science of color as it relates to cinematographers and color correction.

He writes, "There is no such thing as color, at least in optical physics. Color is a biological, or even sociological construct. Witness the fact that azure is a shade of blue, but calling azure “blue” in Russian or Italian is as wrong as calling pink “red” in English. But beyond the anthropology of it, anyone who's spent any time behind a camera will be familiar with the problems associated with rendering colors in an acceptable, not to say realistic, manner. Given that we're taking a spectrum of effectively infinite colour and recording it as a proportion of three red, green and blue primaries, we probably shouldn't be surprised that things sometimes go awry. As the existence of color rendering indices attest, there's even some concern over creating a reliable and repeatable white light. Even colorlessness is not straightforward."

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