Tröll Pictures Inspires Tomorrow's Innovators in New LEGO Campaign

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Tröll Pictures' directorial duo the Snorri Bros directed an inspiring new commercial via ad agency Isobar conveying the curiosity and inventiveness of young minds who create with LEGO.

A dream-like score, also composed by The Snorri Bros, opens the spot as a series of kids are seen imagining and building fantastic LEGO creations. The magic of featured LEGO buildings, robots, engines and vehicles are enhanced by whimsical motion graphics, designed by Brickyard VFX. From an eco-friendly home constructed brick-by-brick, to a fully functioning robot controlled by computer code, the campaign illustrates how LEGO encourages today's children to be tomorrow's innovators with LEGO's advanced Technic, Mindstorms and Architecture Studio sets.

"We approached the campaign with a Jack-of-All-Trades mindset," said the Snorri Bros. "In addition to directing the spots, we cast the voiceover actor, composed the music and edited the final campaign. We took the lead but couldn't have done it all without support from Brickyard."

The campaign was shot over a period of two days in Boston. During the shoot, the Snorri Bros created many of the campaign's effects in-camera, including the seamless transitions that sweep from scene to scene, and the glass window reflections on the children.

"We wanted the campaign to resonate with parents and kids alike," said Peter Steinzeig, Executive Producer at Tröll. "Isobar developed a great concept, and then worked very collaboratively with the Snorri Bros to direct, design and reimagine aspects of the project. The final campaign harnesses childlike curiosity while also showcasing how LEGO encourages innovation and learning."

Led by VFX Supervisor Mark L'Heureux and CG Supervisor Brian White, the team at Brickyard Boston was primarily responsible for all visual effects. Both L'Heureux and White were on-set during the two-day shoot. "We took a futuristic approach to the design of the graphics," explained L'Heureux. "We created blueprint-type images that resembled what these kids might eventually create as adults. Our goal was to make it seem futuristic, yet feel attainable." The team created the 3D graphics, which included designs of a futuristic car, spaceship and an eco-friendly home. At Brickyard's West Coast Office in Santa Monica, Patrick Poulatian worked closely with the Snorri Bros for final color. Combined, both Brickyard offices worked on the campaign for three weeks.


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