Toolkit: January 2017

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AJA Video Systems

KUMO 6464

KUMO 6464 is a compact 3G-SDI router with 64 3G-SDI inputs and 64 3G-SDI outputs for high-quality, cost-effective signal routing in a small form factor. KUMO 6464 facilitates long cable runs, minimizes signal interference and fits seamlessly into an array of broadcast, production, post and AV environments. It provides powerful signal control and offers the ability to route video with embedded audio to BNC outputs with auto reclocking of SDI rates. AJA’s family of KUMO routers, which also  includes KUMO 3232, KUMO 1616 and KUMO 1604, can be configured for ganged dual- and quad-port routing, allowing users to group together multiple inputs and outputs for Dual Link, 4K and UltraHD workflows. 

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The VR-4HD high-definition AV mixer is an easy-to-use, compact and portable unit that integrates a digital audio mixer, video switcher, multiviewer touchscreen and USB video/audio streaming interface into a standalone device. The VR-4HD has three dedicated HDMI input connectors and offers support for 1080p/1080i/720p video resolutions. A fourth input includes a scaler to support both video and computer resolutions; it also supports analog RGB and component input. The VR-4HD’s 18-channel audio mixer features digital signal processing offering three-band parametric EQ, reverb, a compressor/gate on the mic inputs and level/multiband EQ on the master mix. The included Auto-Mixing function makes for simple and easy mixing of multiple presenters or panelists at conferences and events by automatically managing the levels of individual microphones.  

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Actors Kerry Washington & Jeff Perry on steps of LA’s City Hall, CG replicating of the Lincoln Memorial

VFX Legion Wraps Three-Year’s Work on ABC’s 'Scandal'

The recent airing of the series finale of ‘Scandal’ on ABC capped off VFX Legion’s three-year run as the sole visual effect company for award-winning creator/executive producer Shonda Rhimes’ political thriller. The Burbank studio has been the driving force behind the hundreds of computer-generated effects that the show’s viewers didn’t see each week. Currently a streaming favorite on Netflix, Legion’s team takes great pride in the fact that the photorealistic digital world they created now goes unnoticed by a new crop of fans binge-watching the groundbreaking series.