Thelma Schoonmaker Talks Scorsese and Michael Powell

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The BBC talks to editor Thelma Schoonmaker about her thirty-year professional relationship with Martin Scorsese and her current efforts to restore the classic films of her late husband Michael Powell.

She says, "All great directors or anyone who has a strong vision like Scorsese needs to have a lot of support around them. I think from the very beginning - when we met each other - he realised he could trust me to do what was right for his movies.[Rather than] making a name for myself, I would be hand in glove with him in terms of carrying through what he tries to lay down when he shoots. He says I bring out the humanity in his films. I don't think that's really true - he lays it down there - but I think as a woman, perhaps I'm more tuned in to emotional things in the films that maybe I pull out more."

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